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It was essential to South Road Farm that an image of the barn at their farm be incorporated into their identity and branding. They desired a nostalgic look reflecting the philosophy of the local foods/farm-to-table movement. With that goal in mind, I designed their logo using both the image of the barn and stylized type, which the client can use together or separately, allowing for options when branding their company/products.


In addition to creating their identity, South Road Farm required support collateral such as a brochure, labels, business cards and a website landing page (that I also manage) which South Road Farm plans to expand once content is developed.


When taking on any multi-platform project, I look first at the scope. In my experience, it better serves the client when identity and branding come first, with print and web collateral to follow. In creating a site, I typically begin with a wireframe using Muse. It is fast and when completed the draft can publish to Business Catalyst with a temporary address for the client to review. This method makes for a proficient client-to-designer collaboration as the client can simply click on a link provided to view the proof.